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A home theater system recreates the cinema experience in the comfort of your home.
A good home theater system will simulate the sights and sounds of the cinematic action so accurately that the viewer will feel like they are in the middle of the action.

Today, the preferred format is called "high-definition widescreen" (HDTV 16:9). Compared to a traditional television set, the high-definition picture is much clearer and more lifelike while the widescreen format mimics the wide screen shape found in most movie theaters.

For surround sound to make the listener feel as if they are in the center of the sound, five speakers are needed. This type of surround sound is commonly called 5-channel (or a 5.1 recording). More advanced surround sound adds additional speakers (these are called 6.1 and 7.1 recordings). At minimum, you will need a 5-channel receiver for a home theater system.

Home theater systems are not complicated, but they do require some planning. For the best picture and sound, the screen should be at eye level. The speakers should be placed equidistant around the room for the best sound. With those placements in mind, you can spend some time taking measurements to determine the best location for the various components or save yourself allot of trouble and time by calling in the experts, Kona Home Theater.

Components vary when it comes to compatability, video picture and sound quality, so relying on an expert to research design, compatability, individual components and your budget to get the most out of your dollar is wise. Based on the available space in the room, and home theater budget, Kona Home Theater will guide you toward the proper components and and prevent common mistakes the consumer makes such as over paying for one component therfore loosing the ability to use the budget to get more out of another component.

A home theater system is nothing more than a set of individual electronic components working together. As technology changes, components will need to be upgraded. Making educated decisions about your initial purchases will ensure your current and future components are compatible, allowing you to enjoy your home theater system for years.
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